Welcome to Power Kart Raceway

Canberra's ultimate family entertainment centre

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Monday Madness

Monday madness price

Must have annual licence

2 Hours of Power

2 Hours of Power Text

Arrival at 6:30pm, must have annual licence

Date Night

Date night pricing

Arrival at 6pm, each racer must have annual licence

Flat Lap

Get a lap time of ##.000,

Get a free race!

Kanga Cup

Submit an enquiry for your team!

Discounts for Kanga Cup wristband holders

Bathurst Enduro

Submit your interest, teams of two!

161 lap race event


An electrifying karting experience in the heart of the nation

Feel the rush at Power Kart Raceway

Jungle Golf

Swing your way through the jungle,

unleash your inner tiger


Glide around Australia's first synthetic ice rink

No need to get cold or wet

Power Kart Kids

Let the little ones enjoy the thrill of PKR

Available for ages 4-7