The Karts

Imported from OTL Electrokarts, Italy, our karts embody the Italian passion for a true racing experience. With a fleet of OTL Storm Evo and OTL Junior P karts, PKR caters for all drivers over the age of six (height restrictions apply).

Our electric karts are more powerful, reliable and consistent than conventional petrol powered karts. Electric motors eliminate exhaust fumes and produce less noise, creating a clean racing experience for both drivers and the environment.

With remote radio power control, our experienced track controllers are able to restrict karts wherever they are on the circuit if needed, ensuring responsible driving and creating a safer driving experience for all.

All of these features work together to create the ultimate kart racing experience. Feel the Rush!

Height and Age Restrictions for Karts

Our racers safety is our top priority and because of this we have very strict height requirements. The height requirement is to ensure that the racer can reach the pedals and unfortunately if a racer does not meet the height requirement, even if they meet the age requirement, they will be unable to race.
Junior Karts
Minimum Height: 124cm
Age: 6-12 years of age
Adult Karts
Minimum Height: 148cm
Age: 12+
We have height charts here at the centre but if you are unsure please check before you come to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions or wish to talk to someone about the best option for you please contact us. For younger kids that don’t meet the height requirement we have the new Power Kart Kids, these Karts are designed for four to seven year olds (there are no height restrictions for these karts).

OTL Storm EVO Karts (Adult Karts)

Our flagship kart, the Storm Evo, provides racers of all skill levels with the most exciting and authentic kart racing experience possible. Some of its features include:

OTL Junior P Karts

For budding drivers, we offer a fleet of OTL Junior P karts. Kids aged six and over (minimum height 124cm) can experience the joy of kart racing, while parents can feel confident that their kids are driving karts specifically designed for younger drivers, enabling a safer and more enjoyable experience for the whole family.

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