The Track

320 metres of smooth manicured concrete, lined with F1 style track barriers is all that you see while waiting to roll out of pit lane.

Our track has been carefully designed to provide the most exciting and safe racing experience. Chicanes, hairpins, straights and plenty of opportunities for passing, provide the most fun on four wheels for the pro and novice alike.


brake in a straight line before the corner, accelerate out maintain smooth steering wheel control use brakes up until it locks up to keep from kicking the rear end out on corners follow faster drivers to learn their braking points and racing line

Turn 1

Turn 1:

As you enter the first corner, you’ve got to set it up right and come out wide on the right-hand side, using full throttle and lift just before the apex, hug the left-hand apex to make a clean line through turns 2 and 3.

Turns 2 & 3 – The Right-hand Dog Leg:

Get turns 1 and 2 right, and this corner will be a blast! If you’re too slow on the entry here it will cost you time!

Turn 4

Turn 4 – 1st Hairpin:

Now turn 4 is a sharp right-hand hairpin. Hug the outside of 4 just before the apex, hold the brake just before they lock up, making a clean sweep, tag the apex and head down the middle to set up for turn 5.

Turn 5

Turn 5 – 2nd Hairpin:

Choose your line carefully for this one. If you come too wide, you’ll lose time, come too tight and you’ll end up in the opposite barrier. Getting this corner right will determine where your entry for turn 6 will be. Remember – brake in a straight line before corners and accelerate out of corners after you’ve hit the apex.

Turn 6

Turn 6 - Dragcar:

You’ll want to keep a nice, smooth line from turn 5 through turn 6 heading towards 7. Minimise steering wheel movement and exit wide to set you up perfectly for the next complex ahead.

Turns 7, 8 & 9 – The Esses:

This complex’s difficulty ranges depending on your entry to this one. Hug the apex of 7 and you’ll make a nice, clean straight line through, or come out too wide and tag the apex of 8 and you’ve lost time, needing to correct your kart position.

Turns 10 & 11 – The ‘U’:

Now getting into the easier half of the track, like turn 1, you want to come out wide just before the apex and keep close to the inside and hug the apex on 11. Continue up the straight, coming out wide for your entry to turn 12.

Turn 12 – Stanley Car:

Just like any other corner, take it wide on the entry, clip the apex, and end up on the outside of the exit.

Turn 13 & 14 – Pit Entry:

Again, come out wide, tag both 13 and 14’s apex’s, full acceleration down the main straight heading towards the 15thand final corner.

Turn 15 – Pit Exit:

No brake pedal needed for this corner. Hold that smooth line right through, again, clipping the apex slightly and heading back to turn 1 to do it all again.

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