Inclusive Racing

At Power Kart Raceway, we believe everybody should have the opportunity to experience the thrill of operating a world class go kart.

For those racers that require a little extra care, Inclusive Races are the perfect way to race in a safe and controlled environment.

Our track staff will take extra care with these drivers, ensuring they can enjoy the same thrill in an environment appropriate for them.

To be eligible for an Inclusive Race, drivers must have the ability to magage and operate their own kart. This includes lock-to-lock steering, use of both foot pedals safely, and the ability to identify potential hazards on the track.

As with any motorsport, driving a high powered vehicle in a confined environment has an associated element of risk.

We do not offer tandem/double karts, every driver will be in control of their own race car.

To reduce this risk as much as possible, strict safety guidelines are enforced as below:

Inclusive Races are not conducted during peak times. Peak times include:

Inclusive Races are $25 per person, a $10 annual licence must be purchased seperately.

All Inclusive Races must be prebooked by calling our centre on (02) 6239 5599.

Safety is our number one priority. If Power Kart Raceway has any concerns, we reserve the right to offer alternate arrangements at a time or day that would be more suitable. Power Kart Raceway will suggest this without prejudice and will base the decision wholely on the safety and protection of the driver.

Power Kart Raceway's decision in this situation are final.

Companion Card Golf

Jungle Golf is the perfect activity to play with a companion.

If a companion card is shown to reception, the holder of that card is eligible for a discounted rate of $16.

For each companion card holder, one carer can play free of charge.

Please note: Golf is not wheelchair accessible. The area is low visibility and may present some tripping hazards.